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Hello world!

Hello world, welcome to my blog.

So I thought I’d talk about my forays into being green, recyling, but also being thrifty.  Having received several great books for Christmas on these subjects, plus my desire to lead a more natural ways of life, I’ve started to change my ways.  OK, so I haven’t dived head first into the recycling bin, I’ve very much a light greenie, perhaps even apple white, white with a hint of green.   At the same time I’m trying to beat the credit crunch and be thrifty with my spending. 

On first light, it would appear that one cannot be green and natural at the same time as being thrifty.  For instance, I bought an organic shampoo (no nasty chemicals – more later), some caffeine-free tea, some organic chocolate, some hair dye which is much less chemical laden than the supermarket varities and, finally, some sunflower seeds.   The cost was £28!   Had I gone to the supermarket (walked, naturally) and bought non-organic high street brands of shampoo, hair dye, tea  then I could have spent less than £8 on the whole lot.   

Hmmmm.  I can see I’m going to have to work on this one and find some balance.


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