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Good Vibrations

I have been subscribing to the Law of Attraction every since I watched and read ‘The Secret’ last year. For those of you not too familiar with this Law, it dictates that your thoughts (both conscious and subconscious) dictate what happens in your life. All thoughts have a vibration (as does every single living and non-living thing around us) and like vibrations attract like vibrations. So if we are thinking a negative thought, we will attract more negativity. Conversely, if we think positively, then we attract more positive energy to us. Think about what you want; feel, behave and know as if what you want is already yours and be open to receive it.

Just look at the mindset of people who always get what they want. You can bet your life that negativity, can’t or don’t is not part of their language. But are you sitting there, reading this, thinking, “well, I always want to win the lottery/make more money/find the perfect relationship” so why doesn’t it happen to me?! Most probably because you are actually focussing on what you don’t have – you’re really thinking that you don’t have enough money, or you’re not in a loving relationship. Forget that way of thinking (it’s hard to begin with, I know), but it gets easier. Look at the positives in your life, look at what is good, then from that positon of positivity then ask for more money, or a perfect partner to share your wonerful life with. I hope that makes sense.

Have a read of the Abraham-Hicks (Jerry and Esther) series of books – they explain it so well. It makes perfect sense to me.

Every now and then, I feel that the vibrations around me are just right, everything balanced and I can only think positively. I had one of those days yesterday. I gave a really good treatment, met a lovely lady who was also a Bach Flower Remedy Pracititioner and after that appointment I wandered up to Hampstead in the sunshine and had a wonderful lunch whilst reading some very interesting stuff about complementary medicine. It’s a lovely feeling when everything is balanced.

It’s not always like that for me, but when it isn’t I just focus on what I want, from a place of positiveness. I know when negative thoughts are creeping in; I feel a little anxious and slightly at odds. When I feel like that I just send out good vibrations and am soon feeling much better.

Try it. For one day only allow positive thoughts to flow. If a negative thought comes into your mind, turn it around to something positive. If you’re thinking about what you don’t want (to be fat, to be poor, to be alone etc etc) then think about what you do want and how you will feel when you have it. I guarantee your day will soon start to look a lot bright.

Let me know how you get on.


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The placebo effect can be a legitimate aspect of complementary treatments and therapies. And we need to develop rigorous research that takes it into account.

That is the message from an expert report: Assessing complementary practice, published by the King’s Fund recently.

Led by eminent physician Dame Carol Black – a former President of the Royal College of Physicians and of the Academy of Royal Colleges – a group of distinguished doctors and scientists has concluded that current assumptions about what constitutes good scientific evidence are too narrow.

New methods are necessary that can take account of the context in which treatment is provided, reflect the importance attached to treating the whole person – and accommodate the significant but often neglected fact that the relationship between cause and effect is not always straightforward. Then we can begin to establish a sound evidence base for which complementary therapies are effective and which are not.

Dame Carol Black’s report echoes the long held views of the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health. The Foundation hopes that government and medical research bodies as well as scientists and clinicians, will take careful account of this thorough and thoughtful analysis.

Professor Stephen Holgate is a Foundation Fellow and a member of the King’s Fund Advisory Group that produced the report. He said:

‘As scientists, we have often sneered at the placebo effect. But as doctors, we know it can have a real impact on the outcomes of treatment for our patients. What is it, after all, but a trigger to the body’s natural ability to heal itself? That is something worth encouraging.

It is often not appreciated that 80% of the money the NHS spends on patient care goes to treating long term, chronic illness. Conditions like arthritis, respiratory disease, all sorts of progressive diseases. They rarely attract headlines, but they have a huge impact on the millions who experience them.

If we are serious about alleviating unnecessary suffering – and if we want NHS money to be spent wisely – then it is essential we find a way of testing treatments that have the potential to improve the quality of life of these patients and perhaps support or even replace more costly technological medicine.’

Good news and about time.

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