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I’m ordering my Christmas tree this weekend from The Christmas Tree Man.

Christmas Tree Man is Martin, a tree surgeon of 20 years, who is passionate about trees and aims to make Christmas a carbon neutral time. You pick your living tree, he delivers it along with advice on how to look after it and then he will collect in the New Year. He’ll take it back to the farm, replant it, ready for it next year. Fabulous idea.

The only reason you might not get your tree back is if a bird or animal has set up home in it!

We looked at trees yesterday at the local garden centre, but they were all chopped off at the roots and, frankly, for a few pounds more I think it’s far nicer to get a living tree that you know will still be alive next year.

No trees are wasted at Martin’s farm. Once they become too big for homes or offices, they are taken elsewhere to a good cause or home, such as a forest.

For each tree bought, Martin gives a donation to Help The Heroes and the Wildlife Trust.

Now I just need to decide what type and what height.


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