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When we moved, I thought I could keep my London clinic room going, but in the end found it was just wasn’t cost effective and the travel was difficult. So since I’ve got a fantastic treatment room at home, it made sense to leave Belsize Park.

Of course, that means I’m back to square one with building up my client book. Luckily, this time around I know who I should be speaking to in local publications, I’ve got the right internet sites bookmarked, I’ve already got the letter template to GPs from my last time around, I understand marketing a lot better, so hopefully I can get up and running just that little quicker this time. In fact, just a week or so after amending my website and all the internet directories, I had a new reiki client who is coming back for some Bowen, and the reflexology word is getting out there too. I need to do some more Law of Attraction stuff but I’m happy with the response so far in such a short time.

But it’s a never-ending task, this marketing lark. When I started out as a therapist, I heard someone say that for every 1 hour of treatment she had to do 7 hours of marketing. I hope I can cut that down considerably by getting my clients to do my marketing by word of mouth, but equally I know I’ve got plenty of work to do. The problem is, I get most people better or on the road to recovery, so they’ve no need to come and see me again so us therapists are always having to find new clients.

At my Women In Business Network meeting this week, we had a very interesting talk from one of our members, Suzie of the SRP Consultancy, who, amongst other things, helps people use social media as a form of marketing. By social media, I mean stuff like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Bebo, forums, MySpace, LindedIn etc. Really, social media is the way forward and yet there were a lot of blank faces in the room. I’ve dipped my big toe in – as you can see, I have a blog, which can read from my LinkedIn account and which is linked to my therapy page on Facebook, which updates my Twitter page when I update my status. All clever stuff, but there is a huge amount more I can do and I want to stay ahead of others around me in the same industry. I also need to keep on top of my website itself, so that it is always bang up to date. Ha! I need a PA (I used to be one and now I need one).

I send out a newsletter (and if you’re not on my distribution list, why not?) which I’m pretty pleased with but I know I could do better. At WIBN, Suzie told me about a company called AWeber on the Net that can help with all of this. I’ve had a look at the website, had a ‘test drive’ and actually it looks pretty good. AWeber get the PA job!

Funny thing is, having been a PA for so long and always doing things for other people, I now actually really love doing it all for myself, making the decisions, controlling the budget, speaking with contacts. It’s a huge learning curve but, luckily for me, I’m a Sagitarrian and we love learning. I have a huge sense of freedom being my own boss, even if at the moment it’s only part time. I still have to make the tea though –
anyone for a cuppa?


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January is detox month. Detox is the buzzword at the moment and you’ll find some sort of detox plan in most magazine and papers and all over the internet. Some are pretty good, some ok and some are plain silly and could be dangerous to your health.

In truth, the best form of detox is to increase consumption of fruit and vegetables, cut right down on fatty foods (we do need some fat in our diet but not hydrogenated), choose lean meat, oily fish (steamed, grilled, baked), beans, pulses and lentils and cut out the caffeine and alcohol (it’s only for a few weeks) and drink lots of water. Also, increase the amount of exercise you do each week, even if it’s just getting out for a brisk walk in the snow, and get plenty of sleep. It’s easy enough.

However, if you need a little boost to help your body find its way back to happiness then how about giving reflexology a try. Reflexology is the practice of applying light pressure to points on the foot known as reflex points. By working these points, the corresponding body joint, organ or system is stimulated to normalise function and rebalance.

During a treatment each foot will be worked on, but for a detox treatment certain reflex points will be focussed on. Extra pressure may be applied or the reflex point may be worked on for longer. In particular the liver, digestive system, kidney and lympathic system will be paid extra attention.

The liver has several important functions, including combating infections in the body, clearing the blood of particles and infections including bacteria and neutralising and destroying drugs and toxins. Giving the liver a boost will help to detoxify the body. Over the festive season, your digestive system will have had a lot of work to do and so may be quite sluggish right now. Reflexology can help with removal of waste and improve the action of the digestive system by increasing blood circulation and strenghtening the muscular walls. Working the liver reflex, by the way, also works the gall bladder reflex which will stimulate the gall bladder to release bile, an important fluid required in digestion and is also a very mild laxative. Finally, working the lymphatic system reflex points will stimulate the lymphatic system (our body’s waste disposal unit) to help fight infection and remove toxins in the body.

In addition to the above, a treatment is relaxing, destressing and a great way to boost circulation. You may see good results after just one treatment but for specific boost to detoxing and set your body on a healthy course for 2010 then I would recommend perhaps three or four treatments.

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