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I had a text from a client yesterday asking me what was good for a headache. If a new client came to me with headaches, my consultation would try to find the cause of the headache and then we would try to help eradicate that with the use of therapy and lifestyle advice. But for a quick first aid there are a few things I suggested.

Firstly, water. A headache is often a sign that we are dehydrated and the body is crying out for water. There is a fab book called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by Dr Batmanghelidj in which he looks at why simply drinking more plain water can help prevent illness and improve health.

Reflexology is another way of easing the ache and something you can do yourself. Simply apply pressue in caterpillar style movements with one thumb on the opposite thumb and also the big toes, both of which correspond to the head. This reflex action is also great for stress, another cause of headaches.

Thinking along the lines of stress causing the headache, lavendar essential oil is great for soothing and calming. Lavender essential oil is one of the very few oils that can be used neat on skin but only in very minute amounts. Take one small drop and rub between your middle fingers and then rub each finger onto your temples. There are some contraindications with essential oils, eg pregnancy, so always check with your local aromatherapist first that the oil you are using is ok. Alternatively, Forever Living Aloe Heat Lotion is equally as good and something I use a lot for aches and pains.

Finally, try resting your eyes. Lay down and rest two used teabags (any flavour although I’m rather partial to Rose, Vanilla & Camomile) over your eyes for 5 minutes. Of course, this may look a bit daft if you are in the middle of an office so just rest the your palms over your eyes for a short while instead.


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Being a therapist isn’t all about treating clients and helping people improve their health. That’s our main role but there are other ways I fill my week.

I love networking and getting to know other therapists. This is one of the reasons I’ve set up the Herts Therapy Network so that therapists can get to know each other, network, learn and give support to each other. I’m fascinated by all therapies and if I learnt them all I’d have no time or energy to see clients, so it’s great to meet up with fellow therapists for a cuppa, find out what they do and perhaps arrange a treatment swap. Last week I met up with several therapists, including Elle-Louise Howe and Sarah-Jane Tepper. Elle is a feng shui consultant and reiki master and being a reiki practitioner myself, I could instantly feel the positive energy coming from Elle when we met. I’ve long be intrigued by feng shui and have followed a few tips from various books I’ve read over the years. One serious tip Elle left me with is that during this Chinese Year I should remove mirrors from any wall on the east of my house to be in line with the energy map of the year. I went home and did this immediately and will soon be booking a full feng shui consultation with her.

On Friday I met up Sarah-Jane Tepper who owns and runs Herts Holistic based in Borehamwood. Sarah-Jane practices reflexology, reiki and is studying massage and, as with Elle, I could feel the positive energy as soon as she sat down. Don’t you just love that, when you meet someone and instantly click with them. I have to thank Sarah-Jane for introducing me to Chai Tea Lattes! 🙂 Sarah-Jane writes a great blog on holistic health which you can find at her website. HertsHolistic.com. I’m really looking forward to having a reiki treatment with her soon whilst I introduce her to Bowen Technique.

Every year therapists have to clock up Continuing Professional Development points to ensure we are keeping up to date with our therapies, adding new skills and developing ourselves. There are lots of ways to do this including attending workshops on various themes. Last Saturday I attended a fabulous workshop run by Jayney Goddard, the President of the Complementary Medical Association, on the subject of public speaking. Jayney is one of those people I could listen to for many hours and not tire as she is so inspirational and passionate about complementary health. I met seven other therapists, all very different and all very passionate about their various therapies. It’s good to meet other therapists to share ideas on treatments, case studies and marketing. This particular workshop, as I mentioned, was about public speaking and giving presentations on complementary health, using up to date facts, figures and research from the CMA. So I’m now an expert 😉 on this and if anyone would like to book me for their club or workplace then feel free to get in contact.

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