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I was at the Vitality Show yesterday and at one of the first stands I passed was a lady sitting with her feet in a tank of fish. Usually I have a look round the show first to see what I fancy trying but I’d always wanted to have my feet nibbled so immediately my shoes and socks came off.

These amazing Doctor Fish, as they are known, are actually two species of fish: Garra rufa and Cyprinion macrostomus and the one’s nibbling my feet were the Garra rufa also known as the reddish log sucker. Strangely these fish have a penchant for dead skin and are used extensively in spas in places like Turkey, Syria and Japan for the treatment of psoriasis. These fish have no teeth and actually suck away dead skin using their powerful sucking lips. They were certainly having a feast on my feet. It’s not psoriasis that it can help, but indeed various skin conditions, dry skin, and wounds. Some places are offering the fish spa as part of a pedicure routine, given the feet an all-over exfoliation.

As I sat there, passing visitors to the show stopped to ask if it tickled. Actually, not not really, it was more of a tingling sensation, rather like pins and needles but softer and didn’t hurt at all. It’s also thought that the fish acitivate certain actupuncture and reflex points as they suck away, which can promote relaxation. I certainly felt very relaxed after my 10 minutes and my feet were far smoother than when I left home and didn’t even smell fish. It was quite fascinating to see the fish darting around my feet, sucking away and gently massaging. Highly recommended.


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