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For the month of June I am taking part in the 30 Days Business Challenge when I, and several other international female entrepreneurs, will be posting videos every day giving you hints, tip, news and views, sharing ways to help you be the best you can be.



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I had a text from a client yesterday asking me what was good for a headache. If a new client came to me with headaches, my consultation would try to find the cause of the headache and then we would try to help eradicate that with the use of therapy and lifestyle advice. But for a quick first aid there are a few things I suggested.

Firstly, water. A headache is often a sign that we are dehydrated and the body is crying out for water. There is a fab book called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” by Dr Batmanghelidj in which he looks at why simply drinking more plain water can help prevent illness and improve health.

Reflexology is another way of easing the ache and something you can do yourself. Simply apply pressue in caterpillar style movements with one thumb on the opposite thumb and also the big toes, both of which correspond to the head. This reflex action is also great for stress, another cause of headaches.

Thinking along the lines of stress causing the headache, lavendar essential oil is great for soothing and calming. Lavender essential oil is one of the very few oils that can be used neat on skin but only in very minute amounts. Take one small drop and rub between your middle fingers and then rub each finger onto your temples. There are some contraindications with essential oils, eg pregnancy, so always check with your local aromatherapist first that the oil you are using is ok. Alternatively, Forever Living Aloe Heat Lotion is equally as good and something I use a lot for aches and pains.

Finally, try resting your eyes. Lay down and rest two used teabags (any flavour although I’m rather partial to Rose, Vanilla & Camomile) over your eyes for 5 minutes. Of course, this may look a bit daft if you are in the middle of an office so just rest the your palms over your eyes for a short while instead.

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I’ve been learning a lot about aloe vera recently, this wondrous plant they call the Medicine Plant. Others call it the burns plant, the first aid plant, the silent healer or even the wonder plant. I actually thought it was a cactus but have learnt it is actually a member of the lily family and it’s cousins are the garlic, onion and asparagus.

Aloe Vera plant

Despite these wondrous names, in fact they are only about five species of aloe that actualy possess these beneficial propertis and the most powerful of those five is Aloe Barbadensis Miller and only that should really be called Aloe Vera or “True Aloe”.

So you’ve probably seen it in various items in the shops, ranging from tootpaste to toilet roll, drinks to soap but why is Aloe Vera so good and what can it do for you?

The contents of the aloe vera leaf provide a potent cocktail of good stuff including at least nine minerals, the antioxidant vitamins A, C and E plus B vitamins, vital to growth and repair. Aloe Vera provides 19 of the 20 amind acids required by the body and 7 of the 8 essential amino acids that the body cannot make itself. It contains a variety of enzymes that help digestion and plant sterols that act as anti-inflammatories. On top of all that, aloe has been found to be anti-viral, a natural pain killer, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Those with weakened immune systems or over-active immune systems may find aloe vera of great benefit as it acts as an adaptagen and brings the body back into balance. Case studies have shown a remarkable improvement in those with auto-immune disorders such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. It is also a quick healer and a regular use of aloe is on burns – people have used aloe gel direct from the leaf on to a burn which has led to fast healing with no scars. Acne sufferers also benefit quickly from the use of aloe vera. It should be noted though that aloe vera only acts as a suprressant so it’s important to take it regularly.

Digestion is another area where aloe vera excels by soothing the lining of the digestive tract, reducing inflammation of the membranes and speeding up transit time of contents through the digestive system. As it is anti-fungal, problems such as candida can be controlled by regulating the gut flora.

Aloe vera can be consumed in a variety of ways. The best way to take it is as a drink made from 100% stabilised aloe vera gel. Only 2 fl oz is needed each day and some varieties includes fruit extracts to sweeten the taste. I like it with cranberry and apple. As well as the juice, it can be applied topically in the form of cream, gel, lotion and spray and often an ingredient in shower gels, toothpate (great for controlling gum disease), deodourant and other bodycare products.

As a natural remedy, aloe vera tops the bill in so many ways. Be sure you buy products where the main ingredient is 100% stabilised aloe vera gel (so many products on our shelves nowadays have small percentages but lead you to thinking it is a main ingredient). Do contact me if you’d like some more information on this amazing plant.

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During a trip to Fiji many years ago on my round the world travels, I was on the beach by myself when this young Fijian appeared from nowhere and I asked if I liked coconut. Like, I love it! Next thing I knew, before I could say “coconut shy”, he’d shinned up and down the nearest tree and had got me a lovely fresh coconut, sliced off the top and offered it to me. How cool! The contents refreshed me immediately.

I’ve always been a lover of coconut, I used to eat dessicated stuff by the spoonful out of the box in the larder when I was little. The smell reminds me of summer holidays. Probably why I also like pina coladas and thai green curries!

So, imagine my glee when, at the Vitality Show recently, there were several companies promoting various coconut products including coconut water. I wonder if they recognised me each time I went back for another sample?

Coconut water has obviously been around for as long as, well, coconuts, but it’s only recently that coconut water has been seen as a product itself on the shelves of our health food stores. Not surprisingly, it’s 100% natural. It comes from the green coconut, not the brown one seen at the local fair. The taste is clean, refreshing and natural, with no added sugar.

The list of health benefits are extensive. Quite apart from being extremely tasty and refreshing, it contains five key electrolytes: potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium. This makes it an ideal drink for a runner like me. In fact, in the last few weeks I’ve been drinking it before my long runs and on my return and haven’t been feeling nearly as tired as post other long runs. I shall be popping a couple of packs in my post-London Marathon bag for immediate consumption and rehydration at the finish line. Like many sports drinks out there, coconut water is being termed a ‘functional’ drink – people consume it not just because they like the taste but also because it does a job and starts doing some good work once inside us.

Coconut water is low in fat, pasteurised (so ok for those of you who are expecting) and contains high levels of lauric acid, what the body uses to make monolaurin, a disease-fighting fatty acid derivative. Lauric acid has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties that protect the body against various infections and boost the immune system.

I’m thinking of adding it to my next smoothie and mixing it with some pineapple juice (no rum, well at least not til the marathon is over). I wonder if it will freeze too as coconut flavoured ice cubes would be so refreshing in warm weather, mixed in with other drinks.

So, when you’re next in the health food store, have a look for coconut water in the chiller cabinet. Vita Coco is the brand I’ve seen most of the UK and the one I’ve been using, although there may be other brands too. Hopefully you’ll soon be a coco-nut like me.

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This time last year was my first foray into being green and thrifty. I think my bank account suggests I’ve been more green! Anyway, I discovered on my green journey this excellent exhibition, UK Aware, which I went to at Olympia (see my blog of 19th April 2009) and promised I’d go this year. Well, I’ve got my ticket and i’ll see you there on 16th or 17th April.

If you haven’t been before, then I highly recommend it, whether you’ve been living the greener, more ethical lifestyle for many years and this is your way of life, or whether, like me, you’re more of a light greenie.

The exhibition hosts over 200 exhibitors and over 15,000 vistors can listen to any one of 50 expert speakers. There’s everything from green energy to ideas for green business start-ups, clothes swapping, ethical travel, eco living and, if get hungry during the day, there’s plenty of organic and ethically grown food to try and buy.

Tickets are £15 on the door but follow the link below and you can get a discounted ticket for just £6.

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When we moved, I thought I could keep my London clinic room going, but in the end found it was just wasn’t cost effective and the travel was difficult. So since I’ve got a fantastic treatment room at home, it made sense to leave Belsize Park.

Of course, that means I’m back to square one with building up my client book. Luckily, this time around I know who I should be speaking to in local publications, I’ve got the right internet sites bookmarked, I’ve already got the letter template to GPs from my last time around, I understand marketing a lot better, so hopefully I can get up and running just that little quicker this time. In fact, just a week or so after amending my website and all the internet directories, I had a new reiki client who is coming back for some Bowen, and the reflexology word is getting out there too. I need to do some more Law of Attraction stuff but I’m happy with the response so far in such a short time.

But it’s a never-ending task, this marketing lark. When I started out as a therapist, I heard someone say that for every 1 hour of treatment she had to do 7 hours of marketing. I hope I can cut that down considerably by getting my clients to do my marketing by word of mouth, but equally I know I’ve got plenty of work to do. The problem is, I get most people better or on the road to recovery, so they’ve no need to come and see me again so us therapists are always having to find new clients.

At my Women In Business Network meeting this week, we had a very interesting talk from one of our members, Suzie of the SRP Consultancy, who, amongst other things, helps people use social media as a form of marketing. By social media, I mean stuff like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Bebo, forums, MySpace, LindedIn etc. Really, social media is the way forward and yet there were a lot of blank faces in the room. I’ve dipped my big toe in – as you can see, I have a blog, which can read from my LinkedIn account and which is linked to my therapy page on Facebook, which updates my Twitter page when I update my status. All clever stuff, but there is a huge amount more I can do and I want to stay ahead of others around me in the same industry. I also need to keep on top of my website itself, so that it is always bang up to date. Ha! I need a PA (I used to be one and now I need one).

I send out a newsletter (and if you’re not on my distribution list, why not?) which I’m pretty pleased with but I know I could do better. At WIBN, Suzie told me about a company called AWeber on the Net that can help with all of this. I’ve had a look at the website, had a ‘test drive’ and actually it looks pretty good. AWeber get the PA job!

Funny thing is, having been a PA for so long and always doing things for other people, I now actually really love doing it all for myself, making the decisions, controlling the budget, speaking with contacts. It’s a huge learning curve but, luckily for me, I’m a Sagitarrian and we love learning. I have a huge sense of freedom being my own boss, even if at the moment it’s only part time. I still have to make the tea though –
anyone for a cuppa?

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I’m ordering my Christmas tree this weekend from The Christmas Tree Man.

Christmas Tree Man is Martin, a tree surgeon of 20 years, who is passionate about trees and aims to make Christmas a carbon neutral time. You pick your living tree, he delivers it along with advice on how to look after it and then he will collect in the New Year. He’ll take it back to the farm, replant it, ready for it next year. Fabulous idea.

The only reason you might not get your tree back is if a bird or animal has set up home in it!

We looked at trees yesterday at the local garden centre, but they were all chopped off at the roots and, frankly, for a few pounds more I think it’s far nicer to get a living tree that you know will still be alive next year.

No trees are wasted at Martin’s farm. Once they become too big for homes or offices, they are taken elsewhere to a good cause or home, such as a forest.

For each tree bought, Martin gives a donation to Help The Heroes and the Wildlife Trust.

Now I just need to decide what type and what height.

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