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I went up to London today to be a part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the event brought to mind a couple of things that I thought I’d talk about in today’s vlog.

Yes I’m tired, I’ve got no make up on, but this is me, no rehearsal, straight from the heart.



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Day 4 – let’s start taking action

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Day 3 and I’m talking about your ‘why?’, your motivation to better your health.


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Being a therapist isn’t all about treating clients and helping people improve their health. That’s our main role but there are other ways I fill my week.

I love networking and getting to know other therapists. This is one of the reasons I’ve set up the Herts Therapy Network so that therapists can get to know each other, network, learn and give support to each other. I’m fascinated by all therapies and if I learnt them all I’d have no time or energy to see clients, so it’s great to meet up with fellow therapists for a cuppa, find out what they do and perhaps arrange a treatment swap. Last week I met up with several therapists, including Elle-Louise Howe and Sarah-Jane Tepper. Elle is a feng shui consultant and reiki master and being a reiki practitioner myself, I could instantly feel the positive energy coming from Elle when we met. I’ve long be intrigued by feng shui and have followed a few tips from various books I’ve read over the years. One serious tip Elle left me with is that during this Chinese Year I should remove mirrors from any wall on the east of my house to be in line with the energy map of the year. I went home and did this immediately and will soon be booking a full feng shui consultation with her.

On Friday I met up Sarah-Jane Tepper who owns and runs Herts Holistic based in Borehamwood. Sarah-Jane practices reflexology, reiki and is studying massage and, as with Elle, I could feel the positive energy as soon as she sat down. Don’t you just love that, when you meet someone and instantly click with them. I have to thank Sarah-Jane for introducing me to Chai Tea Lattes! 🙂 Sarah-Jane writes a great blog on holistic health which you can find at her website. HertsHolistic.com. I’m really looking forward to having a reiki treatment with her soon whilst I introduce her to Bowen Technique.

Every year therapists have to clock up Continuing Professional Development points to ensure we are keeping up to date with our therapies, adding new skills and developing ourselves. There are lots of ways to do this including attending workshops on various themes. Last Saturday I attended a fabulous workshop run by Jayney Goddard, the President of the Complementary Medical Association, on the subject of public speaking. Jayney is one of those people I could listen to for many hours and not tire as she is so inspirational and passionate about complementary health. I met seven other therapists, all very different and all very passionate about their various therapies. It’s good to meet other therapists to share ideas on treatments, case studies and marketing. This particular workshop, as I mentioned, was about public speaking and giving presentations on complementary health, using up to date facts, figures and research from the CMA. So I’m now an expert 😉 on this and if anyone would like to book me for their club or workplace then feel free to get in contact.

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My head is in a spin. In a good way, sort of. I’m spinning with far too many ideas and projects and I want to do them all. Now.

I’ve spent an hour yesterday with another therapist and we share the same view about educating the public as to what holistic therapy is all about. Her home country and places like Australia and Holland are streaks ahead in the importantance of holistic therapy but over here, unfortuantely, we have the sticking plaster effect. Take a pill, subside the symptom. But the root cause is probably still there!! Also, why wait till a symptom comes to the fore? We give our cars a regular MOT, so why not our bodies and use preventative medicine so you don’t get back pain, IBS or frozen shoulder in the first place.

I want to do it all now! But I also have clients, marketing, my health products biz and, oh yes, a life. Ironing doesn’t do itself nor does marketing so I need to concentrate on a few important things to get to where I want in 6 months time.

Two people have helped me see the wood for the trees in the past 7 days. Corinne McGee of Powerful Women is a life coach and I spent an hour with her last week. During that hour she helped me formulate a strategy to get me to where I want to be in 6 months. It wasn’t difficult, just that I couldn’t see it for myself. Corinne, from an objective angle, simply coached out of me what I wanted. It was all there, in my head, just that it was spinning around. I highly recommend Corinne if you need some help with direction and making sense of things. I came out and I could see the wood, the beautiful wood – it looks great from where I’m standing now.

Secondly, I read a short but powerful article on www.4Networking.biz by Paula Hine of Abundant Solutions. I’ve already met with Paula and her husband a while back for some extremely useful business coaching. In her article, Paula talks about scattering too many seeds. I certainly was. And if those seeds are planted, is the ground they fall on suitable for growth, or covered in weeds? Paula’s article worked well alongside Corinne’s work with me and made me see that I need to concentrate on just a few important projects to get me to where I want to be in 6 months. Quality not quantity. Other projects are great, but will they play their part in my 6 months plan. Probably not. So I’ve parked them, for now.

So, if you feel like you’re running fast but going nowhere through the forest, then step back, take stock and check if you’re doing too much too soon. Ask someone else to help you see the way ahead – from their objective standpoint the view is much clearer – and don’t be afraid of a bit of pruning. Like the plants in your garden, you’re life will be stronger for it.

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Hurrah!!!   I passed my Bowen Technique exams and got the results this weekend with a fabulous 93%.  I’m so relieved as I wasn’t entirely confident about the written exam.

For those of you who don’t know about Bowen, it’s a fabulous soft remedial tissue therapy, named after it’s originator, Tom Bowen from Australia, and has quick and long-lasting results.  Unlike other bodywork therapies, there is no manipulation, hard adjustment or massage; the moves are rolling moves using thumbs and fingers over muscles, ligaments and tendons.  The therapy is very gentle and subtle and suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly.

It’s a holistic therapy, i.e. it treats the person not the symptoms, but saying that, many conditions respond very well including back pain, frozen shoulder, tinnitus, asthma, IBS, knee problems, tight hamstrings, carpel tunnel syndrome, Bells Palsy, neck pain, headaches, hayfever, hip pain and much, much more.  Sports injuries and prevention of injuries are a big player for Bowen, with many sportsmen and women beginning to find out about this wonderful therapy.

The feature of Bowen that sets it apart from other therapies is the 2-5 minute breaks we put in between moves.  These breaks allow the brain to note that something has just happened in the body and that action needs to take place.  The point in the body that is out of balance is flagged to the brain and the brain acts accordingly to rebalance the body. 

My experience of Bowen started two years ago.  I had suffered from lower back ache from almost 20 years, which increased when I started running due to a misaligned pelvis.  I regularly went to a chiroprator and whilst chiropractic undoubtedly helped, it just was a temporary relief and I would revist  6 weeks later.    Then I tried Bowen.  It was unlike anything I had had before and I fell asleep at every session.  After each treatment I could immediately feel that my posture was improving, although the back ache remained after 3 treatments.  But then, all of sudden, one day, about two weeks after my third treatment, I suddenly realised I could do certain moves without even thinking about the pain in my back.  Previously these moves would have had me moving around like a little old women.  It was a revelation – there and then I realised that I free of pain – and it’s remained that way ever since.

I highly recommend it.  I’m almost evangelical about it!  I love it and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite therapies. 

Here’s a video put together by the Bowen Therapists European Register which will give you some more information about the therapy.  It’s not me in the video by the way.


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